Practice Proper Breathing Exercises

Breathing, although automatic, can be controlled, as long as you are paying attention to your breathing. Controlling and regulating your breathing can be useful in helping you reach a clear state of mind and feel relaxed. There are many breathing exercises that claim to help you relax and reduce stress.
Often people say: “Try this breathing exercise; it will be good for you!”  Before implementing any breathing techniques, treatments, or methods, a person should determine its purpose. Is this breathing technique good for your spiritual development? Is it good for your appearance? What is its purpose? Will this breathing treatment improve your health? If the goal is to strengthen your health, this fact should be proven by medical trials, clinical work, and testimonials.

Prior to the discoveries of Dr. K.P. Buteyko, people believed that deep breathing would create more oxygen in the body and many still believe this to be true. This concept is wrong! Dr. Buteyko proved that if the amount of carbon dioxide in the lungs is insufficient, the level of oxygen delivered to various organs of the body will also be insufficient. Oxygen starvation only increases, if a person continues over-breathing, hyperventilating, and thus losing vital CO2. By discovering this, Dr. Buteyko also dispelled the archaic belief that carbon dioxide is waste material that should be eliminated.

Medical trials and clinical work have proved that Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization method is an effective breathing exercise for health improvement. In several countries it is covered by medical insurance. Many of Breathing Center’s students had severe breathing difficulties but were able to overcome their health problems by practicing breathing exercises.

The Breathing Normalization™ Practitioner teaches a student the breathing exercises. These exercises create numerous positive physiological shifts in the body. After the completion of Breathing Normalization ™ exercises, a person feels more energetic and their regular needs for sleep and food become naturally reduced since their body starts functioning more efficiently.

Relaxing Breath Exercise

The best way to reduce your breathing is through relaxation.  These breathing exercises are very simple, take very little time, and only require that you listen and pay attention to your breathing.  When we are relaxed, our breathing is shallow and it does not exceed the medical norm. By controlling our breathing we can control our perception of life being stressful or not. During our Breathing Normalization™ exercises, people are trained to relax their breathing and reduce stress.  For most people relaxation is difficult, and their diaphragm remains tense which causes hyperventilation. To help you to unwind, we recorded a Breathing Normalization™ Meditation, which is available on our website. To purchase and download this audio recording as well as other Breathing Normalization™ Meditations created by Sasha Yakovleva-Fredricksen, please visit our online store.

Our website contains many testimonials from our clients, who share their stories of successful breathing and health improvement. If you want to learn more about breathing exercises, contact the Breathing Center Holistic Health Improvement.

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