Prevent Fires: Advice from Electrical Contractors in Lansdale, PA

Electrical contractors in Lansdale, PA, want people to be safe in their homes and free from the threat of electrical fires. Staying safe starts with practicing safe electrical habits. Here are some tips from the pros to prevent electrical fires.

Ditch the Extension Cords

Using extension cords periodically is fine. However, serious problems occur when people use them to meet their everyday electrical needs. To stop circuits from overloading and potentially sparking a fire, call an electrician to install additional outlets to meet the needs the extension cords are currently meeting.

Install AFCI Detection Devices

GFIC outlets do a good job detecting ground faults and tripping circuit breakers to prevent electrical shock or electrocution, and most homes have these outlets. But what about arc-fault protection?

Arc-faults occur when the electrical current jumps from connection to connection. This can happen when wiring is frayed, or there’s loose wiring. Any time electricity jumps, the potential for sparking and electrical fires may happen.

One way to prevent this is to install AFCI detection sensors on the circuits. If an arc fault is detected, the circuit trips and the problem’s averted. As of 2017, the National Electric Code requires arc protection on most circuits in new builds. However, properties built before 2017 might not have this protection.

Electrical contractors in Lansdale, PA, want people to feel safe and secure in their homes. To do this, electricians recommend scheduling electrical inspections every few years. For more information about inspections or other electrical services, contact Nalset Electrical Services online at their website.

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