Prevention is the Best Green Pest Control for Africanized Honey Bees

A Mesa resident was alarmed when he saw a bee swarm the size of a football field in a tree in his front yard. And who wouldn’t be alarmed, since most wild honey bee colonies in southern Arizona are Africanized honey bees, better known as “killer bees”? As one of the top ten pests in Arizona, these bees are a major nuisance not only to Mesa, AZ residents, but also to residents of Texas, New Mexico, and California.

So how did killer bees end up in someone’s yard in Mesa? The first Africanized honey bees were brought to Brazil from Africa in 1956 and were mistakenly released in 1957. The bees were first documented in the U.S. in 1990 in Hidalgo, Texas. They have earned the title “killer bees” because they will attack animals or people who stray into their established territory.

Africanized honey bees are most dangerous once they have built a nest. An unmanaged nest is a wild colony and is very dangerous because the bees are easily disturbed. The longer a colony is established at a location, the more aggressive it becomes. And these bees can take up residence just about anywhere – in the walls and floors of your home; in fireplaces and chimneys; in old tires, crates, and empty cars; and in the ground and the cavities of trees.

The best control of these pests is green pest control, and the best green pest control is prevention. Here are some tips for preventing bees from setting up housekeeping on your property:

  • Check your property monthly for nesting sites. Look for a number of bees going in and out of an opening or hovering around it.

  • Seal cracks and holes. Bees can enter openings as small as a pencil eraser as long as there is a large enough space for building a nest.

  • Remove trash and debris from your property to eliminate places of shelter and water.

  • Keep shed and garage doors closed and in good repair.

  • Cover vents or pipes with small gauge wire mesh.

If you find that the bees have settled in at your Mesa, AZ home, do not attempt to deal with Africanized honey bees yourself, even if you are an ace do-it-yourselfer. Call a professional for help. If you are concerned about the use of pesticides, call a green pest control company in Mesa and get advice from Arizona experts so that you do not put yourself or your family in danger by disturbing these aggressive bees.

Green Pest Control Mesa AZ In Arizona, unwanted pests are a fact of life. Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control is dedicated to making pest control a risk-free part of your life through the use of effective green pest control in Mesa, AZ that does not expose you or your family to dangerous chemicals.

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