Preventive Maintenance And HVAC Service, Manassas

The main components of your energy bills are the heating and cooling systems. While preventive maintenance and HVAC service in Manassas can’t make the bills entirely disappear, they can certainly keep the repair and service costs low. Make your maintenance checklist before calling your HVAC service technicians.

Maintenance Checklist for HVAC service in Manassas

A pre-season maintenance checklist should be in every homeowner’s and HVAC service technician’s tool belt.

Thermostat settings that maintain a comfort temperature level are important. Make sure that all internal components are clean, and there are no loose screws or wires. Ensure the temperature indicator on the thermostat is accurate.

Electrical connections should be checked and motor voltage and currents should be measured as per the manufacturer’s instructions. All moving parts should be lubricated. All drains and pipes and the entire furnace should be inspected and cleaned of clogs

For HVAC service in Manassas for cooling systems:

Major system components like evaporator and condenser coils should be cleaned properly. Refrigerant levels should be checked and maintained if the level is low. Blower components need to checked and adjusted accordingly.

For HVAC service in Manassas for heating systems:

All major components, like, oil or gas connections, gas pressure, relief valves, gas burners and heat exchangers should be checked. Check the ducts for proper sealing in inaccessible areas.

HVAC service technicians can also check for the indoor air quality and offer recommendations on how to improve it.

HVAC service contractors will have their seasonal tune-up and maintenance checklist published on their website. If not, call them for this information.

DIY Maintenance with HVAC service, Manassas

Check the air filters for dirt. Clean or replace them once a month. You can clean the filter using a garden hose. Spray water on both sides and repeat.

Prune the vegetation on top and around the outdoor unit to increase the airflow and hence efficiency of the system.

For heat pumps, don’t let a buildup of ice or snow on top of the unit. If it does, turn the thermostat to emergency heat and remove the snow with warm water or defrost.

When the AC outdoor unit is not in use, cover the top to keep it safe from falling branches, leaves.

Check the duct work for any leaks. If you do find a leak, insulate it properly to reduce energy loss.

Cost of HVAC Service in Manassas

Service cost varies from one company to another depending upon the plan you choose. Most HVAC service companies offer a regular maintenance plan with different rate plans. Before making your decision get detailed information on parts and labor coverage, service call charges and 24 hours service.

If you find yourself making multiple service calls and your HVAC systems is 10years or older, then consider calling for an HVAC service in Manassas.



HVAC Service Manassas will improve your standard of living while recommending the right approaches for replacing or the repair of your HVAC system. For more information contact

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