Process of Claiming Work Comp Minneapolis

by | Sep 6, 2012 | legal

Work comp Minneapolis is one of the resourceful programs for injured employees. However, as much as this program is beneficial to one in the event that they are injured on the job, the process of claiming it can be quite arduous. If you would like to successfully claim work comp, you need to be conversant with the process so as to ensure there are no problems with your application that could cause it to be rejected. Here are some of the steps in the process of claiming work comp Minneapolis.

1. Notify your employer: To start off the process of claiming this compensation, one has to notify their employer of the injury that they have sustained in the shortest time possible. The best way of doing so would be to first tell your employer once the injury has happened and what circumstances surrounding the incident that caused it. This verbal notification should be done in the presence of another worker or a supervisor. The state also allows for implied communication. This means if an emergency response unit arrives right after the accident, the employer will get to hear about it, and if the injury occurs while there is a supervisor present, the employer will also get to hear about it.

2. File an employer’s report: Once the employer has knowledge of the injury, they are required to file a report within ten days of the incident. This is standard protocol even for injuries that may not lead to the employee missing work because it is crucial in the event that the employee will need work comp for medical bills or may still end up losing some wages. The filing of the employer’s report not only begins the timer for the statute of limitations to filing for workers compensation, but it also gives the employee time off in the event they need to get off work due to the injury.

3. File the work comp claim: Employees can file the work comp Minneapolis claim after they have missed three days of work due to the injury. The process can be done online as the state provides for this. If one would like to ensure a successful claim, they have the choice of using a workers compensation attorney in the filing process and have the attorney file the claim for them.

4. Disputes: If the employer has any objections or any disputes in regards to the work comp claim, they have a window of 21 days to put these objections on the record. These are referred to as issues concerning the claim. The injured employee then has the chance to answer to these objections before a hearing is had.

If you would like to successfully claim work comp in Minneapolis, you need to be conversant with the process, visit for more information.

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