Protect Your Beautiful Home with Hurricane Panels and Shutters

Are you afraid that high winds can damage your beautiful home? Looking for ways to protect your rooms against hurricane attacks? Winds at high speeds can indeed cause untold havoc to your house, but with the right mix of protective accessories, you can wind-proof your house for years. These days many companies offer complete hurricane protection solutions, and stock storm protection products for different areas of the house.


If you are thinking roll-down screens because they are cheaper than shutters, here’s some good news. These days, you can find metal shutters at costs lower than roll-down screens. Made from patented technology to withstand strong winds, these shutters are specially designed to blend affordability with convenience. Plus they are available in a wide range of designs and patterns, and across various color schemes, so you can get a look to suit your home. After all who said protection has to be minus style? Add protection to your beautiful home by opting for stylish and colorful hurricane panels and shutters.


For wider areas such as verandahs and lanais you need extra-wide lanai shutters. They are also extremely sturdy, in fact up to three times stronger compared to traditional storm shutters. They are quick to deploy and easy to install—all prime needs in an emergency. If a storm strikes, you would want the protection to work as fast as possible, and in this respect, lanai shutters are definitely superior to traditional roll-down screens. Another huge benefit of these accessories is that they block out UV rays. Scientific research says UV rays can cause long-term damage to your skin, and shutters help keep these harmful rays out of your home.


If you are looking to protect your windows, opt for strong aluminum shutters. These close over your windows and secure them firmly from high winds. They come in various kinds—Colonial shutters have panels which lock into place securely over windows, and Bahama shutters can be kept open using telescopic arms.


When you go to a reputable shop, you have the advantage of finding top quality hurricane protection equipment in different varieties. The shop will also have experts to do the installation for you, so that you can get all your needs—from purchase to installation—addressed under one roof.


If you are looking for quality, affordable hurricane panels and shutters, Fort Myers has many shops which offer a variety of storm protection products.




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