Questions To Ask When Considering A Used Car

There are a couple of ways to buy used cars in Joliet; privately or from a used car dealer. When buying privately you know you have the upper hand but when buying from a dealer you can often feel anxious, don’t be. Do your homework and be ready to ask honest questions and get honest answers. Here are a few questions to ask a used car dealer.

   * If the car is certified: Ask to see the pre-certification report from the inspecting mechanic. By getting the report you can see what was fixed by the dealer.

   * If it is certified, who certified it? The only certification which means anything is the manufacturers; others are insurance backed and carry no weight.

   * Where did the car come from? If it was a trade-in at the dealership ask for the maintenance records, if it was bought from auction have it thoroughly checked by an independent mechanic.

   * How long a test drive can I take? The used car dealer may be having troubles due to the slowdown in the economy. Try to keep the car overnight so you can give it a good test drive with no interference. Prove you have insurance and promise to bring the car back with the same amount of fuel.

   * Is a CarFax report included in the sale? A reputable dealer in used cars in Joliet will provide this, have second thoughts if the answer is no. Make sure the VIN number on the car matched the VIN on the report.

   * What is the cash price? Cash is till king wherever you go, even at a used car dealer. Dealers make money from arranging financing for your purchase so if you pay cash you should expect at least a 5% discount; furthermore it eliminates a headache for the dealer. If the used car dealer will not give a discount for cash find out if they will give consideration if you arrange finance through them but make sure the rate they offer is no higher than what you can arrange at your bank or credit union. Because a used car dealer makes money off of financing perhaps he will split the commission by way of a discount.

   * Will he take your present car as trade? Many dealers of used cars in Joliet will do this; it will take a load off your shoulders as you won’t have to sell it privately.

Using a combination of initial research, sticking with your budget and asking all the right questions you can be assured that you will be getting a great used car.

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