Questions to Ask Your Contractors General in Robins IA Professionals

Hiring a general contractor is a big decision. You want to make sure you find the right one for the job that you need done, but how do you do that? One way is to make a list of local contractors general in Robins IA and then contact them to ask several questions. Here are some questions that you should ask general contractors to help you find the right one.

Are you licensed?
Before you ask any other question of a general contractor, you should find out if they are licensed. It’s important for a contractor to be licensed before they do any work because if you hire an unlicensed contractor, they might have problems getting permits and doing other necessary things to get the job done. Also, ask to see a copy of their license. It’s easy for a contractor to say they have a license, but can they actually prove it?

Do you have liability insurance
General liability insurance is another essential that every general contractor has. This protects you in case they accidentally cause damage to your home but it also protects his employees and the subcontractors that they hire in case they get hurt on the job so you are not held liable. If they don’t have general liability insurance, you could end up paying for damage and repairs that they cause or you may have to sue the general contractor for those costs. Who wants to go through all that trouble? Your contractors general in Robins IA professionals should carry a one million dollar policy, which is the industry standard. Otherwise, cross them off your list and move to the next company.

Do you offer a warranty?
Any contractors general in Robins IA professional is going to offer a warranty and guarantee on the work that they do. But you should always ask about the guarantee before you let them start working. You wouldn’t purchase a vehicle without knowing the details of the guarantee and it’s the same idea when hiring a general contractor. Be sure to get the warranty in writing or else you really don’t have an enforceable warranty. Make sure the warranty is spelled out and it is for at least one year, which is the industry minimum for most home remodeling jobs.

Who is in charge?
With some contractors general in Robins IA professionals, the general contractor secures the job and then passes it off to subcontractors without ever coming back to evaluate the work. Before you hire a general contractor, be sure they or one of their upper level employees is in charge of the job so you have one contact person to talk to in case there are changes or things that aren’t being done to your satisfaction.

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