Questions to Ask Your Criminal Lawyer

Being charged with a crime is a scary experience. Not just any lawyer will due, however. You need to find a criminal defense lawyer that knows how to handle your particular case. It is imperative that you ask all of the right questions. Giving this situation some thought will help you find an Arlington Heights criminal lawyer that will be able to effectively represent you in court. Time is of the essence when you need to find a criminal attorney, so make sure you act swiftly.

Understand What Is Expected of You and Learn about the Background of a Potential Attorney

When you make an appointment with an attorney, you may be ask to bring appropriate documents with you concerning the charges filed against you.  This may include bail papers, court documents that outline your charges and an appearance date, police reports that are applicable, and documents received if your property or home were searched. You need to compile a list of victims, witnesses and anyone else considered to be a defendant that is connected to your case too.  This is all an important aspect since you will need to ask an attorney you hire if a lawyer in their office has represented someone in relation to the case. Once you have determined there is no conflict of interest, you can proceed with asking questions that inquire about the experience and background of the attorney in which you are speaking.

Ask Questions and Be Prepared

When you get ready to ask an attorney questions, be prepared to write responses down for your own records. It is important to make sure you ask questions that will help you choose whether or not you wish to obtain the attorney you are speaking with. A few questions you should ask include the following:

  • How many years have you been a practicing criminal defense attorney?
  • What bar associations and other legal organizations do you belong to?
  • When did you graduate from law school and what school was it?
  • How much experience do you have in court with the charges I am facing?
  • Do you work out plea agreements?
  • Do you personally appear in court when a case goes to trial?
  • What is your relationship like with the prosecutor’s office?
  • If I plead guilty what happens?
  • Do I need to go to trial?
  • What works in my favor concerning my predicament?
  • What works against me concerning my case?
  • Can I get a lesser charge if I plead guilty?
  • Can you take me through the court process and what I should expect during each step?

Joseph H. Romano P.C has been representing clients in the Chicago area for the past 14 years. When you need to hire an Arlington Heights criminal lawyer, contact him and make an appointment to review your case today.

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