Questions To Ask Your New Dentist

When you are thinking of becoming a new patient at a new dentist in West Covina you should probably schedule a consultation with the dentist.  At this initial consultation you can meet the dentist and see if you feel good about their work and about their competence before you decide for sure if you are going to go with them.  There are several questions you can ask that can initiate some good conversation and help you find out some important information about the dentist.  

First of all, you will want to get some background information on the dentist in West Covina that you are checking into.  Maybe they can tell you about their prior experience and their trainings and certifications.  The dentist can also inform you of their schooling and such to become a dentist in the first place.  You can also ask the dentist in West Covina how long they have in practice, and in particular how long they have been in practice in your particular city.  A dentist that has been in your city for years will be more likely to be a good and stable dentist that does good work.
When you know the procedure you need to have done, don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding the treatment prior to committing to the work being done.  The dentist should not frown upon you asking some detailed questions at all.  If the dentist is uncomfortable with this, they may have something to hide and you may want to look for another dental professional.  If you don’t need the treatment done that very day on that particular visit you can do some more research on the procedure and check into it a bit more.  This can help you be more knowledgeable about what you are having done.  The more you know about it, the better.
You may also ask how much the treatment will cost and what all will be involved with it.  Find out when you will have to make payments for the procedure and if their requirements will work with your budget.  Also find out if the dentist will be the one performing the procedure and how many times that particular dentist has done this same procedure.  This will let you know how much experience this dentist has had in this area.  Also find out if the dentist will guarantee their work if you are unhappy with the procedure.  

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