Reasons for Diving in Galapagos

Any diver with the right experience should try out diving in Galapagos. This island nation has much to offer even the most jaded diver with everything ranging from underwater volcanic formations to the chance to dive with sharks. No one should miss the wonderful experiences dives around Galapagos provides.

One of the top reasons for diving in Galapagos is the chance to swim with a wide variety of sharks, as well as the occasional whale or dolphin. Home to at least six different species of sharks, including hammerheads, whale sharks, white tip sharks, horn sharks, tiger sharks, and Galapagos sharks, diving in Galapagos offers the chance of an exciting dive with some of these majestic creatures.

Another reason for diving in Galapagos is the varied fauna that teem in the waters. Sea turtles, octopi, flounders, barracudas, mobula rays, manta rays, big eye jacks, sea horses, spotted eagle rays—the list can goes on and on! No matter what types of species divers have encountered before, they are sure to see something new and unique during their diving trip in Galapagos.

Dramatic volcanic formations and coral reefs are another reason to experience diving in Galapagos. Volcanic cliffs that slope off into the depths of the ocean and soft coral reefs, as well as endemic black coral, create a simply amazing underwater terrain unlike any other in the world. Anyone who passes up diving in Galapagos will miss truly breathtaking underwater visions.

Diving in Galapagos off the coast of Darwin Island is another treat for any experienced diver. Filled with a plenty of fauna, dramatic seascapes, and playful dolphins, the coasts of Darwin Island are ranked as the number one diving spot worldwide. Wolf Island ranks as a close second and is a highlight of any diving excursion. People come from all over to swim with the abundance of sharks found here, as well as moray eels and the unique species of the Indo-Pacific fauna.

No matter what attracts you to diving, in Galapagos you are sure to find something intriguing and different. Whether it is a chance to swim with a new variety of shark, spot some peaceful sea turtles or playful dolphins, or observe unique underwater formations, Galapagos has it all. Book an excursion today, and you will never regret the money invested in your exciting scuba journey.

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