Reasons to Consider Scheduling a Country Club Wedding Venue in Illinois

As you plan your wedding, every task on your to-do list will seem like a top priority that must get handled right away. However, one of the first obligations you should manage is booking a wedding venue. If you are looking for a place that is beautiful and sophisticated, try a country club. Even though these are often seen as too conventional, they can be adjusted to fit many wedding styles. Here are reasons to consider booking a country club wedding venue.

Multiple Settings

When you first think of a country club, your thoughts may go to the luxurious landscapes and athletic activities. However, they have other benefits on the inside and out. By taking a tour, you will notice beautiful areas that would be perfect as a Lemont wedding venue like garden gazebos and attractive banquet rooms. This spaciousness can be extremely beneficial when you are hosting a large reception. Plus, if it rains during your outdoor plans, you can secure space nearby as a backup.


If you are considering a country club as your Lemont wedding venue, you may wonder if their members will interrupt your day. But, most clubs have extensive experience in hosting celebratory events and will protect your privacy. Although you may pass golfers and diners as you come and go, your reception will only be attended by the guests on your invitation list. You can also secure valet parking services if you wish.

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