Receiving A Cash Settlement With The Help Of Disability Lawyers In Chicago

With the help of disability lawyers in Chicago, you file a new claim for social security benefits after you are denied by the Social Security Administration. This new claim is infused with credible medical evidence to support your case. This medical evidence presents vital facts about your disability including the starting date and how it has affected your life. The most significant element of your claim is the reasoning for why you are unable to work and become gainfully employed. To discuss these proceedings with an attorney contact Jeffrey A. Rabin and Associates today.

When You are Awarded Benefits

Once your attorney establishes your eligibility for social security disability benefits, the judge will arrive at a settlement amount for your case. This amount is based on the amount of time that has passed since your disability began and the time you are awarded benefits. This could present you with a large cash settlement paid to you by the Social Security Administration.

Local Attorney

Jeffrey A. Rabin and Associates are disability lawyers in Chicago. They provide you with effective legal representation and help you to achieve your goal of receiving monthly disability payments. The overall requirement for your disability claim is to first prove that you have a disability and present facts as to why you deserve to receive them. These attorneys present this argument to the judge to help you win your case. To speak to an attorney or schedule an appointment contact Jeffrey A. Rabin and Associates or visit their website at


Your disability lawyers in Chicago advocate your rights as a disabled individual. They present facts about your condition to the judge to enable you to fight for the benefits you deserve. Once you establish eligibility with the judge then he or she will determine the amount of payments you will receive monthly. There is also a possibility of a settlement which you may receive based on the amount of time between the starting date and the day you are awarded benefits. To learn more about social security disability benefits, contact Jeffrey A Rabin and Associates.

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