Removing Unsightly BBQ Stains from Your Patio in Chicago Before Summer Arrives

Removing BBQ stains on the patio in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, takes a bit of expertise to remove correctly. Grease stains, especially those comprised of animal fats, are slightly easier to remove than grease stains made from fossil fuels like car oil or kerosene. Here’s how one company is removing BBQ stains on patios Chicago residents report.

Stain Lifting Chemicals Are Sprayed on First

Special chemicals used to break down and lift up biologically-based grease stains are sprayed on the patio first. These chemicals “lift” the stain to the surface of the patio stone or concrete, preparing the stain site to be flushed with water. After a certain number of minutes, the area is blasted with a power washer and then suctioned with an industrial cleaning machine that lifts all traces of remaining grease and degreaser agent. Typically the patio is then left to air dry.

Power Washing May Include Special Cleaners Too

The heat of the water in the power washer used to blast away the BBQ stains from your patio may be hot, cold, or warm, depending on the judged depth of the stain. Additionally, other soapy cleansers may be used to really get this area of the patio clean. You may want to clean the whole patio at the same time so it is all uniform in color and cleanliness. Otherwise, the patio may present as cleaner and lighter in coloration on the side that was professionally cleaned. For more information on this process of cleaning BBQ stains on the patio in Chicago, contact Cabeno Environmental Field Services, LLC or visit their website today.

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