Renewed Confidence with Dental Implants

One missing front tooth is a distraction on appearance. Not only is it uncomfortable but it can negatively affect the process of speech with the slurring of words. Kids don’t seem to mind missing tooth that they often brag about it in front of friends and family. Anyway in a few weeks time, the missing tooth will be replaced with another new tooth; however, this is not the same with adults. Adults need to have an alternative since after permanent teeth have been extracted, there is no more hope of another growing to take its place.

The traditional alternatives to missing tooth are dentures, whether partial or full, and the fixed bridges. Both have their drawbacks and inconveniences but since they are cost effective, they are generally preferred by the good majority; until recently. With technological innovations in the field of dentistry, dental implants in Fishers IN have become a better replacement. Patients who have undergone the procedure have stated that it feels like they never lost a tooth at all.

Dental implants compared to bridges

If compared to dental implants in Fishers IN, bridges are highly ineffective as they get their support from adjoining teeth. Once the supporting teeth lose its stability, the fixed bridges need to be replaced. Dental implants do not need any support from adjoining teeth since the titanium implant is fused to the jawbone. It is independent by itself and won’t negatively affect dental health. In fact it highly promotes the health of the surrounding teeth as dental care can easily be carried out.

Dental implants compared to dentures
Even if dentures are cost effective, they can be inconvenient if not fitted properly. With ill-fitting dentures, there is the unconscious tendency for the facial muscles to become tense in keeping the dentures in place. It is difficult to relax once you know that there is tendency for the dentures to slip and fall which might cause unwelcome embarrassment. This often prevents individuals from joining physical activities because of the fears and concerns over the dentures.

Eating becomes easier with dental implants as it restores chewing ability. Dentures often limit the foods consumed because of the danger of breaking when used to bite into something hard. It also eliminates the enjoyment of food because of the obvious effect on taste. Dental implants are the closest thing there is to real teeth and it certainly performs and looks like one. Considering all the benefits it can provide, both confidence and self esteem are improved as you regain all the capabilities of having normal teeth.

However, while dental implant is a personal choice, it must first be consulted with your dentist whether the procedure is appropriate for your case. Oftentimes, the gums have receded due to the loss of teeth and have to be treated to allow the titanium implants to be permanently anchored to the jawbone. One drawback to dental implants is the cost of the treatment; but in the long run, it is worth the value paid because dental implants can last for a lifetime with proper dental care.

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