Renovation Checklist of a Good Company Facilitating AC Repair in Miami

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, air conditioning installers and technicians held more than 308,200 jobs in 2008 and the projected employment in 2018 is 394,800. It is estimated that technicians who specialize in AC installation may at times experience unemployment, but the maintenance and repair sector will remain stable. With so many repair professionals in the market, it is important to know how to choose the best. To this end, the article will offer a repair checklist that an experienced and efficient company offering AC repair Miami will follow.

Checklist Followed by a AC Repair Miami Company

A good facilitator of AC repair in Miami will follow this checklist to diagnose faults in air conditioners in specific situations:

1. If AC system is not running at all

If the AC is not working at all, a technician from a competent AC repair Miami firm will check:

   * Firstly, the room thermostat temperature settings. The thermostat should be set to five degrees below the room temperature.

   * Secondly, whether the room thermostat is set to ‘Cool’. If not, the AC will be put in the cooling mode from the turn off mode.

   * Lastly, whether there is proper electricity flow to the equipment. To this end, he will examine all the controls, including service switches, switches outside the compressor and inside the air handler, and fuses or circuit breakers in the electrical panel.

2. If some parts of the equipment is working but cool air is not being delivered

If the air condition system is running but cool air is not being delivered, a technician from a good AC repair Miami firm will check the following units:

 * Compressor-Condenser unit

He will ensure that all the switches are in the ‘on’ position and also checks the coil for damage or blockage.

 * Indoor Air Handler

He will ensure that the blower compartment door is properly closed because if the coil is blocked by dirt or ice, it will not deliver cool air.

 * Air Filter

The technician will make sure that the filter is clean and not filled with dirt or debris.

 * Duct work / air supply registers

He will ensure that the registers are in the open position and not blocked with furniture.

 *  Indoor air handler blower fan assembly

In this unit, he will test the blower fan’s operation.

3. If output air flow is too weak, too cold, or too warm

If these conditions exist, the technician will check the blower fan unit. Subsequently, he will check for a dirty filter/blower fan assembly blade if the air flow is too slow. He will reexamine the improper functioning of fan motor, speed, fan belt or pulley size, duct design, duct registers removed, in case the airflow is too fast.

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