Replace Those Tires Greendale WI

Winter is right around the corner, so it is time to check those Tires Greendale WI. Remember last winter when you said you were going to have your Tires Greendale WI checked and rotated before Thanksgiving, and you didn’t. Well, that early storm in December hit us by surprise, and boy, were you stuck, literally. Here are a few helpful tidbits about tire safety and maintenance. You can read it while you are sitting in the customer waiting area of Tires Greendale WI.

1. Keep up the Pressure on those Tires Greendale WI.

Maintaining the correct air pressure of your Tires Greendale WI should be a monthly task. Buy a tire gauge, determine the correct air pressure for your tires (look in the owner’s manual or on the driver’s door or post), and get to work. The tires should be cold when you check them and do not forget about the spare! While you are down there, visually check your tires for uneven wear, cracks, and bald spots (on the tire!). If you feel up to it, give your Tires Greendale WI the old Lincoln Haircut Test (see below). Check your tire pressure monthly, and keep them properly inflated; it improves gas mileage and handling.

2. Rotation of your Tires Greendale WI makes the World go ‘Round.

  The rotation of your Tires Greendale WI is a key ingredient to getting more miles from your tires. How often they need to be rotated is a matter of great debate among tire experts; some say every 5,000 miles, others say every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual for their recommendation. What is important is having them rotated regularly. By having a reliable tire expert do the rotating, they can more closely inspect the overall condition of your Tires Greendale WI, or if you need other work done, such as an alignment or brake work.

3. Tread keeps your Tires Greendale WI on the Road.

If those bald things on your car that you call Tires Greendale WI have you sliding all over with a little rain, then it is definitely time for new tires. If any of your tires failed the Lincoln Haircut Test (see below), then you need to bring that car in now. Tire and auto manufacturer’s recommend that you replace tires with the same type, size and speed rating as the original tires, and definitely replace at least two Tires Greendale WI at a time, so that each axle has either two new tires, or two older tires. Another words, do not mix a new tire with an older tire on the same axle.

4. The Lincoln Haircut Test for your Tires Greendale WI.

Take a Lincoln penny, hold it upside down and insert it into the tire tread. If the top of Mr. Lincoln’s head is partially hidden in the tire tread, like a haircut, then your tire has enough tread on it and you are OK. If you can see all of Abe’s head, oohh boy, you need Tires Greendale WI pronto. So, take of this already, before another snow bank swallows you this winter.



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