Replacement Windows – Factors To Consider

Old windows can take a toll on the energy efficiency of your house. Windows are an important part of a house. They are meant to maintain the air circulation in a house. Old windows perform poorly and can increase your energy bills.

The one and only way to deal with old windows is to install replacement windows. They not only increase the energy efficiency of a house, they also enhance the looks of a house. Replacement windows are basically new windows that are used to mount within a frame of an existing window frame. They are made without a structural frame and rely on the strength of the original window.

Replacement windows generally take place of current windows that have become drafty and non-functional with time. Such windows are made of a number of materials like fiberglass, wood, vinyl and glass.

Replacement windows are being used since the 1900s. They are of several types and a house owner can make his own choice.

The most common type is the wood window. They are designed to sit in a particular position of the current sashes. Modern replacement windows have at least two panes of glasses.
If you are facing problems with your windows, you must look for replacement windows. There are a few important factors when it comes to choosing such windows.

Air seepage – This is the count of air in cubic feet that is seeping out from the window. Needless to say, lower the air seepage count, better the window is. Usually, a window having a count of 0.3 or less is considered to be a good one.

The U-factor – This count measures the amount of heat that is lost from the window set. Most of the ratings fall within the range of .20 to 1.20. a lower rating ensures that the window set offers optimal insulation.

Visible transmittance – This is the count of the amount of light that seeps in through the window. Higher the count, better it is.

Condensation resistance – As the name suggests, this count notifies a consumer about the ability of a window set to resist condensation. This scale range is between 0 and 100. The higher the measurement, the better it is.

Solar heat gain coefficient – This count lets a consumer to calculate the amount of heat that is caused by solar rays that the window is able to block. The lower the count, the better it is.

As we can see, there are a lot of advantages of installing replacement windows.  Woodbridge has several companies that offer services related to installation, maintenance and repair of replacement windows.


Replacement Windows Woodbridge – If your old windows are performing poorly, you can consider installing replacement windows. Woodbridge citizens can contact Prince William Home Improvement for availing professional services.

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