Represent your inner rogue with silver biker rings

When you want to display your pride and show off your dark side, wearing a sterling silver ring with a powerful symbol on it can make quite an impression. Both men and women are finding rings to represent their free spirit and biker mentality. But finding the right biker ring to reflect who you are as a person can be time consuming. Luckily there are hundreds of unique designs to consider, more than can be covered here. We’ll cover a few of the more common ones.

The number one icon; the Skull

Skulls have been a common icon since ancient times. The historical representation of a skull was for death and mortality, often engraved on tombs or burial sites. Winged skulls were a symbol of a possible life after death, or of sending the skull to a place beyond its death. In Mexico, during the Day of the Dead, skulls and skeletons are commonly used to represent the death of a loved one – but in a way that celebrates their past life and not their current state. In the form of a ring, a skull can carry many types of symbolism from death and danger, to mystery and fearlessness.

Other symbols and icons on jewelry

Wolves and eagles are two very popular designs. Wolves can represent strength in numbers, such as when riding with a group or being part of a gang. A wolf is also strong enough to make it on his own, the Lone Wolf, with no need for anyone but himself. The eagle is the same, commonly a bird seen soaring high above the earth on its own. Eagles are a symbol of power and majesty, an animal that can rise above any earthly restraints.

The popularity of biker rings today

Today, rings are popular with both men and women who ride, as well as those who no longer ride or who simply long for that kind of life. The design capabilities we have today means you can find unique symbols and even custom made silver jewelry. Nautical stars, crowns, road signs, lucky horseshoes, running horses, flames, Maltese crosses, dice, clovers and pretty much any other shape you can think of can all be made into a sterling silver biker ring. Names and numbers can be engraved or stamped into bands to represent yourself, your family, or your group.

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