Restoration vs. Re-Upholstery: What Works Best for Your Furniture?

There are shops that just re-upholster, and there are shops that restore the furniture. Which should you choose? Some tips to help you decide to follow.

Choose the Restoration Process If the Furniture Is Vintage or Antique

Restoration of vintage or antique furniture is recommended. The process includes refinishing any wooden parts, re-upholstering any fabric parts, and re-chroming or refinishing any metal parts. Essentially, it will be restored to like-new condition in step with the original appearance and style of the piece.

Re-Upholster If It Is More Current

If you have a couch or loveseat or favorite chair that has been damaged by sun, pets, kids, etc., and the piece in question is less than thirty years old, then re-upholstering it is your best option. It would be cheaper than buying a brand-new piece of furniture and you would have your favorite piece of furniture back in a week or two. Best of all, you can make it look exactly the same or change up the upholstery fabric to make it look quite different. After you complete your search for a “re-upholstery shop near me in Chicago” you can look for specifics about the services provided.

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