Round or teardrop breast implants, whats best?

Up until recently, there were only saline filled breast implants and gel filled; a third type with a cohesive gel is having an impact on the choices women can make. Focusing on saline and gel, the choices are not just the fill; there is also the texture and shape to take into account.

Round and teardrop breast implants are both available and in common use. Although a crude definition, a round breast implant looks similar to a hamburger bun whereas teardrop shaped inserts are fuller at the bottom than the top, closer emulating a natural breast.

Teardrop breast implants:

A natural breast is fuller towards the bottom than the top, as a result, many women and their surgeons opt for teardrop shaped implants; the feeling is that the look is more natural. There are other surgeons who are of the opinion that the shape will be determined by the body as it heals and they believe the implant will be forced into a round shape regardless.

Teardrop breast implants are more difficult than round implants as they must be oriented precisely during surgery. They have been known to rotate under the skin after surgery has been completed, resulting in an awkward looking breast. To keep this from happening, teardrop implants are all textured but even at that perhaps ten or 20 percent will still rotate from their desired location. Unfortunately, the only way to correct a teardrop shape implant that has rotated is through further surgery. Not only is there a risk of failure, these implants are more expensive than round implants.

Although they have their place, most surgeons reserve these teardrop shaped implants for women who have minimal breast tissue otherwise the woman may appear to be too round at the top of the breast. In most cases a surgeon will prefer to use a round implant even for woman with little breast mass, they just lower the location of the implant.

Round implants:

A round breast implant has advantages, they can rotate freely under the skin with no aesthetic consequence, they can also be smooth whereas teardrop implants have to be textured and they cost less. Gravity comes into play with a breast implant, when a woman is standing the contents will gravitate to the bottom of the shell, negating the need for a teardrop implant.

Michael A. Fiorillo MD can help you decide what is the right size and shape implant for your body. Gummy Bear teardrop breast implants are available in both smooth and textured varieties.

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