Sales Quota for Reps and Company on their Landing Page

Your landing page should serve a very important purpose.  It needs to generate sales. If you’re landing page isn’t helping your sales reps meet their sales quotas, than the time has come for you to reevaluate the page and start thinking about ways it can be redesigned.

As soon as you customers visit your landing page and get a glimpse of your landing page headline, they should have a pretty good idea of what to expect before they even start to scroll down. The headline you create for the landing page needs to fulfill some pretty important roles. It needs to be compelling, visitors should want to scroll down and get more information. It needs to be accurate. And it should be concise. You will want to play around with font size and color options until you have found a headline that appeals to your target market. It’s important that the information on the landing page be easy to see so you need to stick to clear fonts and one or two contrasting colors.

Immediately after the headline, you should have a short summery paragraph that highlights the benefits of the product. This paragraph should be written in a clear confident voice, and should only contain relevant information. Some companies found that there landing page became more relevant when they removed this block of text, and replaced it with a very short video.

The average consumer doesn’t have time to hunt around for vital information. They’re very busy.  Don’t irritate them or waste their time by filling your landing page full of fluff. Consumers should be able to very quickly find the key information that they need to decide if they are or aren’t interested in making a purchase. Instead of articles, use bullet points.  The most successful landing pages tend to be the ones that don’t require and vertical scrolling, and are short in length.

Don’t confuse your landing page for your home page. When you redesign your landing page to help boost sales, you need to shed any frivolous text. At this point customers should already know all the information they need to have about your company and the product you’re marketing. Although you do want your landing page to be attractive, don’t clutter the page up with lots of photos or graphics. Keep the page as clean and simple as you can.

Make sure that any links you have posted that lead to or from your landing page work properly. There’s very little that irritates a customer more than needing to navigate to a specific webpage, but being unable to do so because the links malfunctioned.
Have several people check out your landing page and make sure that it’s easy to understand and free of typos before you post it to your webpage.

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