Salon Pampering in Hattiesburg, Country Club Style

If you’re searching for a fine salon in Hattiesburg, don’t overlook the salon and spa at your local country club. A fine salon that coexists with a spa offers an amazing opportunity to beautify, purify, and rejuvenate all in one space.

For the most illustrious salon experience in Hattiesburg, search for an establishment that offers haircuts, hair color, manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, waxing, tanning, and all other finishing touches you prefer when you want to look and feel your best. With a spa on the salon premises, one could spend the first part of the day being massaged and receiving beauty treatments for the body, followed by a healthy snack with a glass of white wine to indulge your insides, then proceed to the salon for the finishing, beautifying touches on the outside. You’ll enter the salon ready for TLC and emerge looking and feeling as though you could take on the red carpet and all its paparazzi.

The most upscale salon in Hattiesburg will feature an ever-growing list of services. For instance, one of the latest treatments that high-end spas and salons offer now is the non-invasive lipo alternative technique that uses ultrasonic energy to apply heat and vibrations in order to naturally break down and expel fat cells. Though your salon in Hattiesburg isn’t meant to double or substitute as a plastic surgeon’s office, there are refreshing, cutting-edge treatments that can make positive aesthetic impact without, as they say, going under the knife.

Salon personnel in Hattiesburg will also offer the latest in beauty treatments. Shellac nails, for instance, is one of the hottest nail trends today. Touted as a natural-looking solution for women on the go, the manicure process with shellac nails has been shortened significantly and only takes 30 minutes to complete from outset to drying time. Shellac nails maintain their shine and hardness and are highly resistant to scratches, chips, and smudging for up to 14 days.

One more tip from salon mavens around Hattiesburg: Be sure to get on the salon and spa mailing list. Postcards announcing ongoing specials left judiciously around the house so that the hubby will notice them may lead to a nice gift for you, such as a special Valentine’s Package, complete with a full day of extensive pampering and a dozen roses. Gentlemen often appreciate such a gentle nudge when it comes to finding the perfect gift for his sweetheart on special occasions, and what better way to say “I love you” than a day of pampering and beauty at a top salon in Hattiesburg?

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