Apart from choosing your air conditioning unit, it is important to also choose the correct AC Service in OKC if you are in Oklahoma City. Regular professional maintenance of your AC units and some simple do it yourself steps can not only save energy but lower your electric bill considerably. Let us look at some of those options.

AC Service OKC – Replace your AC unit

You are probably spending anywhere from $300-$600 annually on cooling costs. The cost gets higher as your old AC unit is trying to do the same work that it did 5 years ago but now with much more effort. Replace your 10 year old unit that is almost out of warranty with a new unit that is energy star rated and cut your costs by almost 25% to 50%. Check the SEER/EER rating for the efficiency of the unit. The higher the rating the better is the efficiency.

AC Service OKC – AC maintenance

* Clean or change the filters regularly: You need to do this once a month. The filters collect all the dust and debris from the air they cool. Dirty or clogged filters make the AC work more for the same cooling increasing your cooling cost. Window units have a removable air filter that can be taken out to be washed or replaced.

* Sealed Ducts: Seal duct joints with foil. Check for the cool air escaping through the duct joints when the ducts run through the attic or basement. Hire a professional to do this job rather than trying it yourself.

* Check the system’s efficiency: Let your AC run for at least 15 minutes. Now, keep a thermometer on a clean filter near the supply register closes to the cooling equipment. Keep another thermometer near the return vent. Compare the reading of the two thermometers. The reading difference should at least be 15-20 degreed between the two.

* Tune and Clean: You need to tune and clean your AC regularly. A good maintenance can extend the life of your unit to 20years. Hire a professional to tune, clean and check the coolant levels.

OKC – Around the house

* Use fluorescent bulbs – They not only cut your lighting cost but they also reduce the cooling cost due to their cooler nature. They do not heat up their surroundings.

* Add a thermostat: You can add a programmable thermostat yourself. Program it according to your daily routine of being in or out of the house.

* Tinted Windows: Add shades to the windows with insulated curtains or window films can reduce the heat coming through the windows.

* Add shade: Trees, shades, vines around the house create a natural cooling area that keeps the house cooler and saves you unwanted electric costs.


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