Sell Gold Jewelry Bethlehem PA – Tips for Getting a Good Deal

If you have decided to sell gold jewelry you may be wondering how to ensure that you get the best possible deal. This is understandable since there are so many companies offering to buy your gold and give you the best price for it. How can you ensure that when you sell gold jewelry Bethlehem PA you aren’t getting ripped off? How can you ensure that you get a good price for your gold jewelry? The following tips will set you off in the right direction.

Before you decide to who you are going to sell gold jewelry to, it is important for you to determine the value of your gold jewelry. You can do this by visiting a reputable jeweler and having the pieces appraised. You can also countercheck the value given by the dealer by doing your own calculations at home.

You will need to figure out the karats of gold in each piece. This value will be stamped on the jewelry. This value represents the percentage of gold in the jewelry. Determine the weight of the gold in ounces and multiply the weight by the percentage of gold in the pieces. One ounce of gold is equivalent to 18.23 pennyweights of gold. You can therefore convert the weight of gold into pennyweights by multiplying it by 18.23. The current market value of gold can be determined using online charts and the pennyweight value of the gold.

It is important to remember that the buyer will want to keep a certain percentage for themselves. You will, therefore, not be able to get the full value of the gold when you sell gold jewelry Bethlehem PA. The buyer will want to keep at least 30%. You should, therefore, work to get 70% of the actual value of the item.

Ensure that you are dealing with a reputable dealer. Reputable buyers are more likely to give you a good price for your jewelry. Ask them if they are members of any society or institute such as the International Previous Metals Institute, American Gem Society or the Jewelers of America. You can determine an honest pawn broker by the way they carry out their transactions. A reputable broker will ask you for photo id and will report your sale to the district or state attorney’s office for security purposes or reasons. A pawn broker who doesn’t ask for this information should be avoided.

Once you sell gold jewelry through the Internet, you will receive a check for the sale. If you are not satisfied with the amount offered by the company be sure to inform them in good time. Most companies have a time limit for which you can return the check.


When you decide to sell gold jewelry Bethlehem PA ensure that you get the best possible price. Contact Patriot Precious Metals Corp., they offer more cash than any local competitor.

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