Signs You Need a Bed Bug Exterminator in Toms River NJ

Bed bugs, which used to be a prevalent problem before World War II, have recently become a problem in the United States once again. The frequency of citizens traveling abroad and the increase in immigration, combined with the decrease use of pesticides is considered to be the culprit for this widespread issue. Bed bugs can be found just about anywhere, even in the cleanest environments. Understanding the signs of bed bug infestation, as well as what a bed bug exterminator in Toms River NJ can do, will help you stay free from bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites are difficult to tell apart from other insect bites, such as mosquito or flea bites. Because there is no pain involved when they bite and the bites typically occur while a person is sleeping, it becomes difficult to determine if you are suffering from bed bugs or another type of rash that doesn’t have anything to do with bugs.

The most common signs of bed bug bites include small, red bumps on the skin. These bumps can be flat or raised and typically appear in groups or lines of multiple bites. The bites are typically itchy, similar to the mosquito bites, causing those affected by them to constantly scratch. The typical place for the bed bug bites to appear are the upper extremities, including the face, hands and arms, but any body part that is exposed while sleeping can be affected.

Bed bug bites do not always appear right away; they can take up to two weeks to appear. For some people, there are not any signs of bites, but other physical symptoms can show up, such as insomnia and anxiety issues. There is also a risk of skin infections for those who have the itchy red bumps. If continuous scratching occurs, the bites can break open and become infected.

Getting Help from an Exterminator

If you suspect bed bug bites on your body, it is time to contact a bed bug exterminator in Toms River NJ. By the time you suspect bed bugs, they have probably been living in your home for many months. Only a trained professional can determine the nooks and crevices the bed bugs are residing in. While it is possible for homeowners to steam clean, vacuum and launder everything they suspect has been affected, that does not mean all bed bugs will be taken care of; the threat is still real. Contacting a reputable bed bug exterminator in Toms River NJ is your best chance at getting rid of them once and for all.

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