Signs You Should Talk to a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Joliet

Nursing homes are tasked with caring for seniors who need extra help to make it through the day. Unfortunately, neglect and abuse do occur at some of these places. If you have a loved one in a home and notice any of the following signs, you may want to consider contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer in Joliet.

Unexplained Injuries

Every injury has a cause and an explanation. If you notice your loved one has been harmed, you deserve a thorough explanation. If it was through an unavoidable accident, you should have a clear explanation. However, if you get incomplete or inadequate answers, then consider that a big red flag.

Deteriorating Skin

Skin gets very fragile as you age; however, it continues to be a clear broadcaster of signals of distress. If you have a loved one in a home, keep a close watch on their skin. If you see new bed sores or sores that are worsening, then there’s a problem. Unexplained rashes as well are indicators of problems.

Sudden Hospitalization

Seniors are admitted to the hospital regularly for a variety of scares, problems and the like. That said, if your loved one is hospitalized suddenly for some new condition or injury, you’ll want a full and unwavering explanation. Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Joliet if you don’t get one.

A Change Toward Reclusiveness

Abuse or neglect can cause even social butterflies to hide their wings. Is your sociable loved one starting to withdraw and become more of an isolated person? Without an explanation for this behavior, you’re looking at a red flag.

Sudden Weight Loss

Dropping weight is a sign of sickness. However, if your loved one is inexplicably shedding pounds, you should inquire further. Neglect and abuse can cause rapid weight loss.

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