Signs Your Dog Needs to go to a Chicago Animal Hospital

For many people their dogs are members of their family; they provide companionship and love you unconditionally. However, dogs are unable to complain, which means that you have to know when they need to go to a Chicago animal hospital for medical attention. Some warning signs that your dog may need medical attention are highlighted here.

Strange Eating Habits

While your dog may skip one or two meals if it is extremely hot outside, if they go a period of two days without eating anything, then this is a clear sign that that is something wrong. There are a number of different diseases that will cause your dog to develop strange eating habits. This means if you notice any significant changes in their eating habits, a visit to the vet is needed.

Excessive Thirst

Your dog will naturally produce a large amount of saliva, which means that they do not have to drink all the time. However, if you notice that your dog has begun to drink more water than usual, they may be developing diabetes or kidney disease. One sign that your dog is drinking too much water is if they are going to the bathroom more than usual.

Dry or Rough Coat

A healthy dog has a soft, shiny and thick coat. If you notice that your dog’s coat suddenly becomes rough or dry or has bald areas, then this is an indication that there is something going on. This may be a skin disease, allergy or even the wrong type of food. No matter the culprit you should visit a Chicago animal hospital for evaluation.

Tired and Sluggish

If your dog suddenly becomes lethargic, it is a sign there is something going on. You will know your dog is acting lethargic if they do not want to play or participate in activities that they once loved. While sore muscles and fatigue may be due to excessive heat, if the symptoms are persistent for more than a few days, you should seek medical attention.

Pet owners understand how important it is to take great care of their four legged friends. With the information here you can act quickly in situations where your dog needs medical attention. Knowing what to look for will help you make sure your dog remains healthy. Visit the site to know more.

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