So You Think You Want to Be a Dog Groomer

When it comes down to it, we all want to do something we love for a living. Not only is it the way you’re going to spend most of your time, but people also seem to be more successful at work when they are engaged in an activity they enjoy and care about. If you love dogs, there are several occupations you could consider. Perhaps you could be part of the circle of professional dog groomers in Alexandria, VA.

Dog groomers spend their time in Alexandria, VA performing the most important chores required to keep dogs healthy and happy, such as brush the teeth, clean and cut the hair, and trim the nails. They enjoy the ability to be creative and artistic in their day to day work, and spending the days with a variety of different dogs is like heaven on earth for most dog lovers.

Dog groomers are highly trained. Just like with most any career choice, being a dog groomer requires schooling, and specific certification. In school, they teach future groomers things like how to groom any breed of dog or cat, how to make bows (ear bows and collar bows), ear clipping, and nail trimming. They also learn how to groom according to factors such as breed and weather conditions. Once a person decides to be a dog groomer in Alexandria, VA, they should research schools in their area and consult a recruiter at that school to begin gathering all the necessary information about that specific school, what they offer, and how to enroll.

There are many different approaches a groomer can take when grooming a dog, based on breed and size, but for the most part, there are certain things every was should do no matter what in a given situation. One scenario includes being careful not to give the dog clipper burn. Another is proper training of the dog groomer to prevent being bitten by the dog they are grooming and knowing what to do. Correctly expressing the anal glands is another task that is taught, as well as proper nail trimming and critical ear care. That’s a short list of all the things a dog groomer will learn in school. Then, the list grows larger as they gain experience and learn how to apply this education on the job. An experienced dog groomer can provide a wealth of information to a rookie groomer.

Dog groomers study a wide variety of things involved in the overall health of a dog. Dog groomers in Alexandria, VA work hard and make a difference in the lives of dogs and their families. And when you have an elderly client who really doesn’t have the strength to lift or bathe their Golden Retriever, you get the added joy of not only serving people well, but also caring for the dogs you love so much. Dog groomers in Alexandria, VA have difficult jobs, but they perform them well and are tireless in their efforts to make a difference. It seems that’s just how “dog people” are.

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