Some Common Types of AC Break Down & their Repair Process in Atlanta

Air conditioning system is possibly one of the most important appliances in your home. Air conditioning is most essential in the summer when heat waves feel like ever-burning furnace. How would you feel if your AC system breaks down due to some unknown faults in such condition? It is hard even to imagine the situation, isn’t it? Therefore, maintain the old theory of prevention is better than cure and take care of your air conditioning system and AC repairs in Atlanta. From this article, you will get to know about some of the most common problems of air conditioners and their troubleshooting process.

Compressor breakdown

Compressor is the most important part in electronic appliances like air conditioning systems and refrigerators, etc. Moreover, any problem or malfunction in the compressor can result in total breakdown of the appliance. The problem in the compressor is generally seen in older appliances when the motor of the compressor stops working due to ageing and thus failing to compress the gas properly. If your AC is an old, then you must check for the health of the compressor in case of any problem. Replacing the compressor is better than repairing it. Therefore, for any repair and fixing, calling a professional company that offers AC repairs in Atlanta is advisable.


Sometimes you may feel that your air conditioning system is not cooling the room properly even though it is showing no such sign of breakdown. In such a case, leakage is suspected in the system and the AC repairing companies are equipped with some advanced tools that can detect the leakage without dismantling of the system. If a leak is detected, then it is better to call a profession instead of entrusting it to novice hands.

Compressor noise

Compressor noise is the most simple and common problem of the air conditioning compressor. It happens mainly due to loosening of compressor parts. A short inspection of the air conditioning system easily helps to detect the source of noise. Sometimes the broken part of the air conditioning hardware is responsible for such types of noisy compressor. Replace or repair the damaged/broken part to make your system smooth as before. Also check for loose outer covering of the AC.

Dirty filters

Filters are delicate parts of an air conditioner and dirt accumulation can hamper the smooth functioning of the system. The filters suck out the dirt and other impurities from reaching you and therefore, dirt particles get accumulated on the filters if they are not regularly cleaned. It is advisable to clean the filters once in a month to avoid all types of filter problems. Also try to clean the air duct regularly. You also need to check other problems like rusting and breakage of parts associated with the filters. It is better to take the suggestions of professionals before you try to clean the filters.


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