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You need to be connected with a team of reliable and qualified dentists who will deal with all your dental issues and help you maintain good oral health. There are many different kinds of dental problems people might face. Badly aligned teeth, gingivitis, painful cavities, or bleeding gums are some of the common problems people have. Apart from these you might also want to have cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneering or teeth whitening done, or have a root canal surgery. Dentists are trained and specialized in different fields of the subject. You can’t get advanced treatment procedures done by ordinary general dentists. Red Lion PA is home to many different specialists and licensed dentists. But you need to know which type of dentist can deal with which problem. So in this article we will help you figure out just that.

The different categories of dentists and the treatments they offer are as follows:

Orthodontists: Orthodontists are specialized in correcting the structure and placement of badly aligned or malformed teeth in the mouth. They are trained and qualified to align crooked teeth and rectify their structure with the help of braces. If your teeth are very problematic and straightening them out as they are isn’t an option then they would advise you to have a tooth or two removed. This will help the teeth to set properly.

Endodontists: If you have any issues with the nerves of your teeth, the pulp, and blood vessels then you should be consulting an endodontist. They are the ones who perform root canal surgeries and they look after other aspects of oral health that are located beneath the enamel of the tooth. Endodontists treat ailments related to the root and its surrounding areas.

Periodontists: These specialists deal with restructuring of the gums and teeth. They also work on providing dental implants to the patients, focusing on the prevention of gum diseases.

Maxillofacial Surgeon: Such dentists perform correctional procedures for problems such as cleft palate and lip. They tend to dental affectations in the face, skull, and jaw area by conducting cosmetic facial surgery.

Pediatric Dentists: These are specialists you need to take your kids to. They are specially trained to undertake preventive and corrective treatments for young children and teenagers. Apart from this they also provide nutritional advice and they might refer the child to another specialist depending on the requirements of the case.

In Red Lion PA you will be able to find all of these specialists. Choose the best dentists depending on the proximity of the establishment to your home and of course the quality of their services.




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