Speed Up Harvesting with Seed Cleaning Equipment


There was a time when most people harvested their own grain, cleaned and dried it by hand before storing it. The family used most of the grain to feed their families and livestock, and if they had any leftover they took it into town to sell. At the time, the system worked. That was back when most people farmed. The days of the small farm that could be run by hand have passed. Now the average person is three generations removed from the farm. In order to feed the world, farmers have been forced to become increasingly efficient, which means that they have to rely on better methods of harvesting crops and use higher quality seed cleaning equipment in order to keep the world’s population fed.

The first step in making sure that the crops are good is during the spring when the fields are getting planted. Crop producers have become increasingly picky about making sure that they only use the best seeds. Not only do they want to make sure that the seeds themselves are really good quality, but it’s also important that they be perfectly clean and free of dirt and other debris which can jam the planters, causing a delay in the planting and that delay can prove detrimental to the entire harvest.

As concerned as farmers are about the quality and cleanliness of the seeds the plant, the become increasingly concerned about making sure the corn, wheat, and other grains are free of debris when it’s time to bring it to market. Any debris found in the harvest will lower the grade of the grain, resulting in a much smaller payment.

It is possible for farmers to bring their harvest to the elevators and feed mills to have it cleaned, and this works in a pinch, but it’s not desirable. The first issue will be that the mill will deduct the cost of the cleaning from the purchase price per bushel. The second issue will be the wait. The seed cleaning equipment the feed mill has can only handle a limited amount of bushels per hour. If someone needs to make use of it before you, you’re going to have to wait in line before your gravity box will be emptied into the cleaning equipment. The time you spent waiting is time that you could have spent combining more grain.

The best way to make sure you don’t experience any delay in your harvest will be by purchasing seed cleaning equipment of your own. When you invest in your very own unit you’ll not only be able to clean the debris from 135 to 3500 bushels every single hour, you’ll also benefit from a potential increase of 40% in your yield.

When you consider all the benefits, you really can’t afford to not have your seed cleaning equipment.

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