Starting a Cardboard Recycling Program at Your San Antonio TX Business

If you are interested in starting a cardboard recycling program at your San Antonio business, then there are some crucial steps that you need to follow.

The first step is to work with a cardboard recycling in San Antonio, TX, company to get the equipment in place that you need to do cardboard recycling. There are at least four different types of machines that you can choose, so you must work with a professional to select the one best meeting your needs. Generally, a backroom baler is great for small-and-medium-size businesses that are tight on room. You may want to consider a vertical stockroom baler if you have a larger amount of cardboard, but your backroom poses space constraints. If you are a bigger manufacturer, horizontal balers may be the perfect answer. Large supermarkets and box stores often find break-away compactors to be the right answer. If you do not have much cardboard at all, then a front-load slotted container may be the best solution.

After you have the equipment in place, then you must teach your employees how to use it correctly. You need to teach them proper maintenance of the machine, and you need to teach them how to tag out-lock out the machine if something goes wrong with it.

Then, you need to contact a cardboard recycling in San Antonio, TX, program about picking up your cardboard. While it takes a little effort on your part to get the program started, you will feel great about helping the environment. You may also find that you save money on your trash bill regularly.

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