Stocks to Buy for your Retirement

When you are watching your retirement looming on the horizon you might be worried you won’t have the money you need to retire comfortably. Many people look for stocks to buy as a more lucrative option with potential to see quicker results.

Individual Stocks
When you decide you will be seeking stocks to buy you have the option to buy online or to use a broker. You might feel safer using a broker the first time around, however many people do well making decisions on their own using a few basic rules. Good stocks you can investigate will provide low up front investments, good returns and dividends. You also have to be prepared to face situations in which your stock drops below the price you paid and hang in there without the urge to sell. Even scarier situations can also arise where the company freezes or halts dividends. Worst case scenarios can involve investments in companies that out and out fail in which case you will lose everything.

Mutual Funds
You might want to consider mutual fund stocks to buy that are sold through a manager. Mutual fund stocks provide diversification but can also have fund fees that overshadow the performance. It is important to know that the odds are against you as 7 out of 10 mutual fund managers tank. Mutual fund stock can be lucrative as long as you find a successful manager.

Index Funds
Index funds have low fees and provide a market return proven to be better performers than average returns.  An index fund is based on a specific index such as S&P 500 and depends on the performance of the market index. They are considered a passive form of investment. Many top investors will recommend the novice investor invest in index funds and spread their investment over three indexes: U.S. Equity Market, an International Equity and a Bond Index.

Understand Before Investing
Seeking assistance might be the best way to proceed as many people make the mistake of getting caught up in a certain kind of investment that they really don’t understand. Make sure you do some research and that you completely understand the stocks to buy so you don’t wind up confused and mislead because you didn’t to the leg work before you made a decision. If it all falls into place and you read the information and say “Aha”, then go ahead and invest. If you read and reread and then say a hesitant “OOOOkaaaay.” Chances are you are missing something so move on to the next option.

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