Take Help of Foreclosure Prevention Specialist to Save Your House

Owning a home is the average dream of every American. However, due to inflation, job loss or any other reason, some find it hard to make payments toward the mortgage. After a ninety day period of non-payment, a lender can take legal action against the borrower. It can lead to foreclosure. Many people obtain services of foreclosure prevention specialist to save their homes. According to a recent report by the nonprofit, Minnesota Home Ownership Center, there has been a record wave of foreclosures in Minnesota, starting from the first half of the year 2010. The highest rate of foreclosure has been found in Sherburne County region.

A foreclosure prevention specialist is not a mortgage broker. These specialists are trained professionals, who are familiar with the several options to stop foreclosure. Most people have no idea where to seek help, when they are faced with the problem of foreclosure on their homes. In desperation, they often reach out to the wrong people and fall prey into the hands of scam companies. So, one should always go for a reputed company that has records of helping many homeowners by preventing foreclosure in the past. One should always check for the company’s credibility with the Better Business Bureau or the local credit union.

A foreclosure prevention specialist first help a person understand the basic things like- loan modifications, workout agreements, refinancing pitfalls, and reinstatements to prevent foreclosure. Sometimes, if the borrower has enough home equity, he can sell the house. However, if it is not encouraged if the delinquency on mortgage payments are due to some temporary reasons like a job loss or illness. 

If you are facing the same financial dilemma in making payments toward your mortgage and wanting to find a way out, log onto www.integrityfirstonline.com.  They are specialist in loss mitigation and offer to prevent foreclosure by giving you the options which include- Partial Payment Plans, Forbearance and Special forbearance plans, Deed-in-lieu Of Transactions, Loan Modification Workouts, and Short Sale Solutions. Their team of specialists will analyze your financial situation and offer you the best possible solution, as per your suitability. They operate in every state. Their loss mitigation specialists and attorneys know the ins-and-outs of the laws, rules and regulations applicable to each foreclosure situation. With their expertise and experience they commit to serve you the best!

IFO are a leading firm of foreclosure prevention specialist offering solutions to millions of clients over the past 30 years.

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