Taking Your Cat to a Parkville Groomer for Skin and Hair Care

Owning a cat can be entertaining at times as you watch your pet play and run around. However, as with other animals that have hair on them, cats need to be properly cared for so that their coat doesn’t become matted or too dry. Here are a few details about what you can expect if you decide to take your pet to cat groomers in Parkville, MO.

Reasons to Go

Aside from keeping your cat’s coat clean, you want to take your cat to a groomer who can trim the nails, especially if you keep your cat inside. Your cat could have skin conditions that need to be treated with a special shampoo or another product that can keep the skin from getting irritated.


There’s nothing more relaxing than having your hair brushed, and your cat is likely no different. When visiting cat groomers in Parkville, MO, your pet will often receive a nice brush from head to tail. The groomer could trim your cat’s hair as well if it’s too long or if it appears to be matted in various areas.


Most of the time, cats don’t like getting into a tub of water as a dog would. A groomer can safely wash your cat so that it’s comfortable and relaxed instead of making your pet anxious. Drying systems are used to get your cat’s hair dry as quickly as possible in a safe manner so that he’s ready to go play again. Many groomers can massage cats while they are getting a bath to calm them while they are being washed.

Contact Taylor Animal Hospital of Parkville at http://tahofparkville.com/ for more information about going to a groomer. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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