Television Production Career Suitable for You

by | Dec 14, 2011 | entertainment

If you are interested in becoming a professional TV producer or be a part of a TV production, there are lots of opportunities that are waiting for you these days. With numerous cable channels and new internet channels popping up all the time, production companies are constantly looking for producers, writers, editors, photographers, grips and support staff. A college degree is a first step towards a career in television.  It’s a field that is very rewarding and offers many exciting challenges. From broadcast TV to cable networks to the internet, jobs abound in this industry and if you are properly prepared, you will find a job that’s right for you.

The best candidates to fill TV jobs have the education but they also have solid experience, even if that experience is from working at a college TV station. The higher up the ladder you go in this industry, the more experience and skills you will need to compete. Internships are also a good way to earn some real-life television experience. Working alongside TV professionals allows you to hone your skills and see the level of talent and experience it takes to make it in this industry. You need to have the heart for the job because you will often work long hours in all kinds of weather situations.

The number of production jobs keeps growing drastically because of television’s move onto the internet. But some companies are having a hard time looking for the right people to fill vacant positions because so many are not qualified. The competition for applicants these days is truly growing so if you would like to become a part of a production team at a company that you are eyeing, you have to be highly qualified to be able to beat the competition. Educational background counts a lot along with proper training. A lot of colleges globally today, are offering television and production courses which include theory and principles as well.

Many staff positions combine to create a production time. On the editorial side, there is the producer, writers, associate producers, on-camera talent, assignment editors, reporters and contributors. On the production and technical side, there are editors, audio engineers, technical directors, show directors, associate directors, graphic artists, chyrons operators, and many more. There are also many management levels in television and TV news, from news directors and general managers, to station managers, sales people, traffic and commercial schedulers, human resources professionals and office managers. Each of these positions requires an area of expertise as well as different skills and abilities. Knowing as you enter college which positions you’d like to fill can help you hone your skills to that particular area so upon graduation, you are ready to take entry-level jobs in the area of your choice.

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