The Art Of FOREX Trading perfected!

by | Aug 2, 2012 | Business

One may say that it’s a long way from the golf course to the FOREX trading floor, but that will not hold true for Neilcamenker. Both, on the golf course and in front of a FOREX trading screen, Neil brings equal amounts of zest and acumen to achieve success. And those characteristics are borne out by the tremendous respect that he enjoys on the sports field, the board rooms and in the FOREX trading arena.

As a young boy, he watched his dad play the sport, yet it was his own determination to learn the game that got him started on a path to excellence, winning several tournaments and championship trophies in the process. It was that very same determination for success that saw Neil build his famous wireless technology company, Beeper City, from the ground up, lead it to success, and then sell it for millions of dollars.

Always wanting to give back by helping others, today, as the CEO of PaypointUSA – a merchant account and credit card transaction processor – Neilcamenker uses his tremendous business acumen to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) succeed in getting alternative financing for the development and growth of their businesses.

A family man at heart, Neil loves spending every moment that he can with his family – his wife Tracine, daughter Grace and son Garrett. As a matter of fact, Garrett has exhibited the same grit and determination in golf that his father has, thanks largely to dad’s patient coaching. A patient teacher to all, the fruits of Neil’s persistent efforts are seen in his son’s winning of golf trophies, just as he himself did several years back!

In addition to being a shrewd entrepreneur and savvy business leader, Neil Camenker is an avid and accomplished FOREX trader. His specialization is trading in the US Dollar and the Euro/Pound Sterling. He firmly believes that FOREX trading is a matter of watching the charts for telltale signs of movements – upwards or down. Using his keen sense of observation, and his shrewd intelligence, Neil has developed a unique charting technique.

Based on Day Charts, backed by algorithms that he has developed, Neil is able to monitor FOREX markets and capitalize on volume and momentum during the day. The trick is in picking up visual cues of the market’s lows and highs over the past 24 hours, and using the hourly and 3-hourly charts to come up with a “trading box” within which you can predict the market’s movements fairly accurately. Patient traders can reap tremendous benefits by trading “inside the box”, or even outside it if there is a breakout.

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