The Benefits of Annual Wellness Visit Software

Medicare is a government assisted medical insurance. Thanks to this insurance a lot of individuals with low income and no income are able to get regular medical care. In fact, most individuals with Medicare can go into a clinic that takes the insurance, flash their card, fill out some paperwork, and get seen without having to pay any money at all. Even those that end up having to pay money usually only end up having to pay a small amount. While most people do not think much about it if you are going to the doctor and getting treatment for free or very low prices thanks to your Medicare insurance how is the clinic itself getting paid? Fortunately, the government does reimburse clinics who take Medicare. This means that the clinic will get their money even if they are not getting it from you.

The only downside to this is that people who have Medicare are people who are not used to having a lot of money. These tend to be people who only go to the doctor when they really need to. These are not people you would see going to their doctor and dentist every six months for their regular checkups. This is a downside for two reasons. The first being that all of these people are not getting ample health care; there could be something wrong that is so small they haven’t noticed and they will not get the treatment they need simply because they do not go to doctors for regular checkups. The other downside being the fact that the clinic is missing out on all of that reimbursement money that they would be getting if all of those individuals came into the clinic regularly for a checkup.

How can a problem like this be resolved? Polygon Health is a company that found the answer in annual wellness visit software. By investing in annual wellness visit software a clinic will know when all of their patients are due for a wellness checkup. This means the clinic can have one of their nurses assigned to checking the annual wellness visit software and calling patients who are in need of a wellness checkup to remind them to come in for one and offer to schedule an appointment. This way everyone wins. The clinic gets money and you get regular health checkups.

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