The Benefits of Using Offsite Backup Storage

If your company is still using the traditional method of backing up data on tape, there are many modern and more secure methods available to you. Tape backups can actually be an efficient and somewhat secure method of storing your data and keeping it available in case of problems in your database; however it does have several drawbacks. For one, it is more costly and time-consuming than using offsite backup storage through a cloud service or other online alternatives.

Backing up data on tape usually means putting down a significant amount of money up front, hiring employees to help maintain the server and other equipment, and energy investments as well. Offsite backup storage services eliminate all of those factors and are far more efficient while usually being less costly. Moreover, unlike the case in most on site tape backup situations, using an offsite backup storage facility allows for quick and easy retrieval information should your database become vulnerable and need to be updated with the backup files.

Offsite backup storage is cost effective because it usually does not involve an initial investment of capital. All the costs associated with tape backups or maintaining your own server do not transfer to other kinds of costs; they are eliminated. You will save money when you use an offsite backup storage service rather than on site alternatives. Not only is using offsite backup storage cost-effective, but as a related benefit it is also far more efficient for any company to use over most on site methods of storage and retrieval. In most cases, the delivery of data to the offsite facility is automated, and retrieval is simple – not contingent upon delays associated with tape backups or even from onsite servers. Lastly, offsite backup storage is a more reliable solution than onsite storage. The need for backup can be caused by any number of circumstances, including natural disasters such as a building fire, a tornado (depending on where you live), or flooding. Backup tapes on site do not protect your data from such occurrences for obvious reasons.

A company that uses an offsite backup storage service generally customizes what and how data is backed up based upon business needs. Software is downloaded to the office computers or servers which allows for the selection of important data to be automatically uploaded or sent to the offsite facility. Data is usually compressed during backup and encrypted to prevent access from external parties before it is sent offsite. Data in offsite storage can usually also be accessed easily at any time. ( provides data solutions such as offsite backup storage customized to the needs of our clients. We are here as your front line defense against the losses that can cripple your business. Guaranteeing you have a person to talk to if you ever have a question, concern, or just want to talk about how to better protect your company. Contact us today for more information by talking to an agent at 888-253-4110.

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