The Benefits of Using Technology to Find Shift Workers or Pick Up Shifts

Whether you are a hospitality business person or worker, technology is available to help make work or workers available. The benefits of using technology or a pick up shifts app are beneficial for several reasons. Some of those reasons include the following:

Ability to Hire Flexible Labor Workers Quickly

Using an app to match workers is essential for a business that needs more labor during a particular project or general business. In addition to using an app being easier than interviewing and hiring employees, apps match companies with employees. Those can be employees for special events, to offer culinary support, and other catering gigs that need additional help to get appropriately executed. Using an app means companies don’t have to deal with the time training employees as hospitality workers.

A Great Way to Find Seasonal or Part-Time Work

If you are a hospitality worker looking for a seasonal or part-time gig, using a pick up shifts app for finding seasonal work is beneficial. Using apps allows workers to plan their own work schedules. The app takes care of helping workers avoid overlapping assignments because the apps keep track of the schedule.

The App Allows You to Have Access All the Time

Even if you find yourself with free time that you hadn’t planned, the app allows you to have access to work right at your fingertips. You can open the app on your smartphone and get access to a list of jobs immediately.

If you are a business looking for workers for specific shifts or an employee looking to earn extra money by picking up additional shifts, contact BenchConnect at at your earliest opportunity.

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