The Best ID Card in Town: Duoprox II

Employee ID badges are required in many workplaces. ID badges are designed to display each employee’s name and company credentials. They are typically about the size of a credit card and display the company’s name, employee’s name, and employee’s credentials. They may also contain pictures and a magnetic strip for any digital use the company may allow. Some digital uses in the workplace include using the badge as a time clock, a method of charging items and paying for them later, and allowing employees to access restricted areas of the workplace. Employee badges often serve many purposes in the workplace.

A popular style of employee identification cards – proximity cards – is based on RFID technology. Companies can use proximity cards to keep track of employees’ time. They can also use the cards to allow employees to set up a charge account for the cafeteria or other vending options. Also, proximity cards can be set up to allow employees access to restricted areas of the building.

One of the most popular credentials on the market right now is the Duoprox II card from HID Corporation. The Duoprox II card offers proximity and magnetic stripe technology in a single card. The card is also “imageable”, meaning that an image can be printed directly to the card with a special ID card printer.

ID badges are crucial in many workplaces. RFID credentials are popular, allowing the employer to offer many features to the employees on a single card. The Duoprox II card, from HID corporation, is a highly innovative, proximity employee badge card used for dual-technology applications. For more details, visit

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