The Differences Between a Dorm vs a Student Housing Complex in Texas

When going away to college for the first time, a student has the choice between the traditional dorm and a student housing complex. Dorm rooms offer the full college experience, but they come with a set of drawbacks. Student housing can offer more freedom and privacy, but also requires more responsibility. Here are the main differences between a college dorm and Texas Tech apartments near campus.

The Differences Between a Dorm Room and a Student Housing Unit

Living in a dorm offers a classic college experience. You have a roommate, you’re surrounded by teachers and peers, and you get to leave your parents’ house and have freedom for the first time in your life. Dorms come fully furnished with furniture, appliances, WiFi, and cable TV that’s all included in the price.

But living in a dorm also has a few drawbacks. The main drawback is that you’re subject to the rules and regulations of the university, which can be strict. You’re surrounded by teachers and peers 24 hours a day, so you never get a “break” from college living unless you live the campus. And you’re typically stuck with a roommate and have to share a bathroom with the rest of your floor.

On the other hand, student housing offers more freedom and responsibility. You get your own room with a separate bathroom (although you might still have roommates), and you’re not limited to the rules of the university. You’ll feel like you’re truly living like an adult instead of being baby-sat by teachers and dorm monitors.

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