The Different Types of Home Care Services Reading PA

Home Care Services Reading PA vary depending on what their patients need. These kinds of services are normally given to adults, senior citizens, or patients who are recovering from a hospital stay. Licensed health care workers or caregivers are the ones who are permitted by the government to provide such services due to their knowledge about the technicalities needed to perform these duties. Additionally, it will make the patient’s family feel assured that the person providing the supportive care has the capability to deliver what is expected from them.

Home Care Services Reading PA come in all forms. Here are some of the different types of services provided by home care agencies:

Nursing Care is usually provided by skilled and trained professionals for a short period of time. Their responsibilities include: a) attending to post-operative wounds b) dispensing or monitoring intravenous medications c) ostomy care d) giving and supervising medication intake e) monitoring the current health status of their patient and looking out for side-effects. This type of Home Care Services Reading PA is also best for patients who are suffering from cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, and the like.

Rehabilitative care is provided to patients who are recovering from surgery or illness. There are also times when a licensed practitioner for this type of care delivers comprehensive care for infants, children, and young adults. Rehabilitative care or otherwise known as rehabilitation consists of physical therapy, audiology, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy. The kind of Home Care Services Reading PA they would provide the patient would depend upon the diagnosis given by the doctor. It is their responsibility to oversee and monitor the rehabilitation program of the patient.

a) Physical Therapy – practitioners of PT are responsible for restoring, maintaining and promoting the physical function of their patient. This is achieved by optimizing wellness and fitness.

b) Audiologist – They care for patients with hearing disabilities. They provide council services to patients and their family members about ways to listen and communicate. Examples of this are lip reading or sign language.

c) Speech and language therapy – They are responsible for assessing and treating speech, language and communication problems of their patients.

d) Occupational Therapy – They help patients who are recovering from an injury return them to their daily activities and function properly. Depending on the injury acquired by the patient, they provide a treatment program accordingly, such as range of motion exercises or strengthening exercises.

Medical Social Workers are responsible to provide social and emotional care of their patients. They will act as a case manager and reintroduce the patient to the society by involving them in community work. Often times, they provide counselling session to both patients and its family members which are some of the Home Care Services Reading PA that are needed.

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