The Duties Of A Wills And Trust Lawyer

Wills and trust lawyers, often called estate planning lawyers, are responsible for the many duties that are part of the preparation and administration of the estate of a client. The most common duty of wills and trust lawyers is to work with a client, assisting in the drafting of their last will and testament. During the planning of how the client will dispose of his or her assets the wills and trusts lawyers in Wellesley, MA will advise on the tax implications. The lawyers will also establish pertinent trusts that are specifically designed to suit the purposes of the client and, upon the death of the client the lawyer may be called upon to act as the executor of the estate.

It may appear on the surface that putting together a will is reasonably straight forward, it is far more complicated than what might meet the eye. A great deal has to do with the jurisdiction in which the will is eventually probated; there are often special rules and language that must be used in the preparation of the will as well as the execution of such. People who are working on their will want to make sure that their property and other assets are disposed of exactly as they wish, this is precisely why wills and trusts lawyers in Wellesley, MA are so important. To ensure that all the wishes are seen to, the will must be written in complete accordance with established procedure. Wills that do not follow the rules to the letter often result in delays and at worse, the assets of the deceased may not end up being distributed as he or she wished.

Again, based on the jurisdiction of where the will was prepared and executed there may be specific rules that apply to the tax impact. Some areas have punishing estate taxes that become due and must be paid upon a person’s death and before the estate can be distributed. It is always in the best interest of the individual developing his or her will to work with wills and trusts lawyers in Wellesley, MA who can affect the disposition of the estate so that the tax implication is mitigated as much as possible.

Many clients are more disposed to having a testamentary trust. If the individual writing the will wants to ensure that there is enough money available to see the grandchildren through a complete college education, a trust can be funded from the estate. Once a grandchild enters college, funds from the trust become available to finance the education and pay for other education oriented needs.

It is important to people writing a will that the terms and conditions that they specify will be carried through upon their death. If you are looking for wills and trusts lawyers in Wellesley, MA you are invited to contact or visit the website.

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