The Field of Medical Telemetry

Telemetry is the measurement and study regarding transmission of data through a variety of electronic mediums. There are many applications in which telemetry is utilized. In a medical setting, telemetry is an important tool to measure a patient’s heart and breathing rate, level of blood oxygen and other important data. Medical telemetry is an important part of any hospital or clinical environment.

Computerized Monitoring

To get the vital statistics required, the practitioner will connect their patient to a variety of machines. These machines are in sync with a central station making it easy for the nurse or doctor to view the necessary information on the screen. Therefore, it becomes much easier to obtain vital statistics and increases the level of patient care.

Telemetry Nurses

A telemetry nursing practitioner has many duties. In addition to operating the required machinery and understanding the data, they frequently will advise patients on other important health issues. These include everything from medication to diet and exercise. Additionally, this field involves caring for patients who have undergone surgery or require special medications. Therefore, it’s essential to have knowledge regarding cardiac arrhythmia as well as patient history. This is when telemetry devices can be invaluable.

Wireless Technology

Telemetry systems are typically remotely monitored as they distribute information. Quite often they are utilized in larger systems that require external data collection. Many of these systems today can transfer such data wirelessly. However, information can also be transmitted through computer networks. Due to advancements in communications and decreased costs, telemetry information systems are more popular than ever in medical facilities.

Enhanced Patient Care

Patient monitoring systems can come in many sizes dependent upon their usage. All hospitals will have monitors for patient vital signs. These machines are constantly monitoring blood pressure, heart rate and temperature of patients. This information is sent to a central station through the monitoring network. When a change occurs, the system can detect it and will send an alert to notify the nursing station. This process can save valuable time and increases patient care significantly.

Live Patient Data

Medical telemetry can also be utilized to monitor patients outside of the hospital. As an example, many people wear heart monitors after they’ve had heart related procedures. This technology wirelessly collects patient data live. Should there be a problem, it is charted immediately. Because of this technological advancement, many lives have been saved. Medical telemetry is now commonplace in emergency rooms, medical facilities and ambulances.

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