The Importance of Furnace Duct Cleaning in Redmond WA

Furnace duct cleaning in Redmond WA is a regular service homeowners use each fall and winter to ensure cleaner air in their homes and a heating system that runs more efficiently. However, unless you use a company with high-quality equipment and training, you may be introducing more dust into your home. Pay attention to the following points when hiring a profession.

No License Needed

Furnace duct cleaning in Redmond WA is an intensive job that takes specialty tools and instruction, but the state of Missouri doesn’t require technicians to be licensed for the job. For this reason, quality can differ between outfits significantly. The Environmental Protection Agency has overviewed specific points of quality duct cleaning and encourages homeowners to ask certain details in determining whether a company is qualified.

Cleaning the Whole System

The number one concern behind furnace duct cleaning in Redmond WA is whether a technician cleans out the entire heating system or just the main ducts running from the furnace to vents throughout the home. Businesses that stick to vents only miss a large percentage of dirt and debris and can miss signs of growing mold. It’s important the heating components are also cleaned to ensure cleaner air throughout the home, as well as an efficiently running heating system.

Paying Attention to Waste Removal

While cleaning out vents, ducts and heating components, technicians should use equipment that prevents dirt and dust from blowing into your home. This can be as simple as using plastic sheeting to prevent leaks at vents to high-powered specialty vacuums made especially for vent work. As an extra benefit, a company may run HEPA filters during cleaning to capture any wayward dust. You shouldn’t be stuck cleaning up or having to dispose of duct contents by yourself.

Setting Up a Regular Maintenance Schedule

While furnace checks are done each year for the safety of your home and heating system, furnace duct cleaning in Redmond WA shouldn’t be necessary each year. In fact, the EPA recommends these jobs be performed on an as-needed basis. When your ducts show signs of excess dirt or moisture, and especially the growth of mold, it’s time to call the professionals and order an in-depth interior cleaning of your furnace ducts and other heating components.

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