The Importance of Having Renters Insurance with the Ortiz Agency

With credit becoming much more restrictive when it comes to buying a home, and with more people having to leave their homes because they can’t afford them, renting has become a very popular option for people who need a place to live. However, simply because your occupying a space that’s owned by somebody else, doesn’t mean that your possessions are protected should there be an accident such as a weather-related event or fire.

In many situations, the property owner will have insurance for the property, but that insurance will not cover your possessions. That’s why if you’re renting, you should look to Renters Ortiz Insurance Agency for the protection of your personal possessions.

The most important thing to remember about renters insurance is that it covers the cost of replacing your possessions should they become damaged or destroyed in the event of a weather related disaster or fire. The amount of coverage you choose will greatly depend upon the amount of possessions you have as well as their value.

You’ll also want to consider if the renter’s insurance covers replacement of new items or simply covers the replacement of the value of your existing items. This can make a huge difference in how much coverage you need to get for the protection of your possessions

You’ll also want to make sure that your renters insurance has liability coverage. This is much like liability coverage would be for homeowners insurance policy. Simply because you’re renting doesn’t mean that you can’t be sued if somebody is injured at your rental space.

They may have recourse to sue the individual or management company who runs the rental area, especially if it’s an apartment, but they can still sue you as well. Having liability coverage for your renters insurance protects you from these sorts of lawsuits.

Renters insurance is an important thing to have and, in many cases, rental properties such as apartment complexes and condominiums will actually require you to have insurance in order to illegally occupy one of their units. Whether they require you to have it or not, checking out the policies for Renters Ortiz Insurance Agency has to offer is a responsible thing to do in the unlikely event your rental home or apartment is destroyed by a fire, flood or other weather related incidents or stolen.

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