The Many Reasons to Study Abroad in Spain

Spain is one of the most exciting destinations in Europe and, perhaps, the world.  All of the things that make it attractive to the typical tourist also make it attractive to a student looking to study abroad.  So, what are some the reasons to study abroad in Spain?

One major reason to study abroad in Spain is the country itself.  The culture, heritage, and lifestyle of the people of Spain make it an exemplary study abroad destination.  Spain is home to a number of major cities: Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, just to name a few.  Each city has its own unique history and way of life.  Madrid, the largest city in Spain, is known for its wide variety of cultural attractions.  The city is dotted with art museums that display works from Da Vinci, El Greco, Goya, and Picasso.  Perhaps one of the greatest draws of Madrid, though, is its renowned night life.  The city’s night life echoes with the sounds of live music, flamenco dancers, and people enjoying the festive and diverse attractions the city has to offer.  All of these can be experienced by those who study abroad in Spain.

In addition, most major cities have public transportation systems that make it easy for students to navigate those cities.  In fact, the entire country is serviced by an extensive rail line system which makes it easy for anyone who decides to study abroad in Spain to travel to destinations throughout the country.

Another reason to study abroad in Spain is its close proximity to several other European nations.  Students staying in Spain have easy access to Portugal, France, and Italy.  Those who study abroad in Spain are not limited to learning and experiencing Spain alone.  They have the opportunity to see a large portion of Europe, and the duration of most study abroad programs gives students the time to explore.

Study abroad in Spain is not just popular because of the nation’s many cultural and geographical attractions.  Spain has a great number of schools and universities that specialize in a wide range of different disciplines.  Students majoring or focusing on one particular field have a great opportunity to find a program in one of Spain’s many schools that will cater to their educational needs.

The language of Spain is also a reason that a student may wish to study abroad in Spain.  Obviously, the language of Spain is Spanish, and Spanish is becoming an invaluable language for students to learn.  Spanish is a language in use throughout Europe, North America, and South America.  A student who studies in Spain will have the opportunity to hone his or her language skills by living and learning among native speakers.  Such fluency can be a great advantage in the modern job market.

Study abroad in Spain offers students a wealth of attractions.  It is a destination any student looking to study abroad should explore.


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