The Most Common Types of Accordions for Those Just Starting Out

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Music School

Accordion learning is becoming an increasingly common hobby, with many residents of Chicago turning to this activity as a form of rest and relaxation throughout the year. Here are the most common types of accordions intended for beginners. These are generally the easiest ones to pick up and initially use to learn the process.

The Button Accordion
This is one of the best choices for accordion learning. One of the first models created in the late 1910s, it uses buttons rather than piano keys to help the player create melodies. This reduces the need to know piano key notes and instead allows the player to focus solely on the accordion process. Some who are used to playing the piano may find the buttons disconcerting, but this is widely considered to be the best way for beginners to start.

Piano Accordions
Piano accordions are intended for those who are already used to playing the piano or would like to learn how to play it simultaneously. Though it’s recommended that people learn a single instrument at a time, some people may feel a need to learn both at the same time. It’s no more difficult than a button accordion to use, so long as the player can master piano or has already learned it.

A Universe of Options
For those looking to learn how to play the accordion in Chicago, there are limitless options. Only trained teachers will be able to help individuals find the best case by case solutions!

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